Thursday, March 27, 2014

Contractor Safety Requirements

The purpose of this section is to describe the responsibilities of company name
and its contractors who perform work for the company or on premises operated by the company.

This procedure applies to all operations that utilize contractors for the performance of work.

The contractor has the responsibility to ensure that their employees are adequately trained in safe work practices and comply with applicable regulations. The company locations may designate a representative(s) to monitor construction/maintenance activities. The company is responsible for ensuring that contractors follow this procedure and that applicable hazard information specific to the areas where the contractor may work are conveyed to the contractor at the start of a project.

Contractor Safety
All contractors shall abide by the safety and health policies pertaining to the location, facility, or project on which they are working. A contractor’s violation of these safety and health policies could expose our employees, the public, and our property, as well as the contractor, to unnecessary hazards. Strict enforcement of this policy by supervisory personnel is expected.

- The contractor shall designate a safety representative
- Each contractor must be apprised of any hazards and pertinent safety information before commencing any task (see Contractor Safety Orientation Checklist)
- Each contractor must certify in writing that he/she has been informed about, and understands, all relevant safety information before coming onto the company premises

Qualifications of Contractors
Contractor safety performance will be a significant requirement in the contractor selection process. Compliance with the following criteria will be minimum requirements in contractor selection and will be monitored on a continuing basis.

Safety results should be judged on a continuing basis. Safety results should be judged on the basis of improvement made in year-to-year results. Criteria for contractor health and safety information are listed below (See Contractor Health and Safety Questionnaire).

- Evaluate the contractor’s Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) for the previous three years including the current year. An average EMR of over 1.0 or an escalating 3 year average EMR number would indicate an unfavorable safety record and require further evaluation prior to approval.
- Copy of occupational injury/illness statistics for each of the past three years, including the current year. This includes incident rates per 200,000 hours worked. (Do not present names of injured.) Compare the contractor's values against current Bureau of Labor Statistics for a similar SIC code organization.
- Contractor shall certify the existence of a written Safety and Health program and that their employees have received the necessary safety training applicable to the contracted work.
- If required, contractors will have a written substance abuse program in place and be prepared to submit evidence of compliance
- The contractor is responsible for keeping site injury statistics and reporting all incidents resulting from injury to a contract employee on the premises to the company
- The company may take appropriate action against any contractor for non-compliance with health & safety practices
- The contractor immediately reports all incidents or accidents occurring on company locations. The contractor investigates and provides a report that includes a description of the incident, a primary cause for the incident, corrective actions addressing the primary cause, and assignment of responsibility for completion of correction action within 48 hours off occurrence.

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